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Globally optimise jobs to be done.

Our customers problems are our challenge.

We are outsourcing experts, giving you a possibility to save your money and time. Our project manager and analysts can come to you, analyze user needs, produce requirement specifications, save your time. Tasks will be optimal shared in onshore, nearshore and offshore. Our development team will create user-responsive application for you with standardized analysis tools and automated development tools. Diginaut creates applications that are responsive, modularly constructed, and easy to maintain. We develop C/C++, SAS, Visual Basic, Delphi, Power Builder, Web (Java / HTML), Oracle and Progress applications. Professional testers with our standard test procedures guarantee reliable quality. We concentrate ourselves in onshore and nearshore outsourcing and outtasking as our staff is based in Germany and East Europe.

Here are some positive effects of outsourcing that you can achieve with us:

  • Cost savings.
  • Technical improvements.
  • Extra human resources as needed.
  • Optimisation of development, administration and support processes.
  • Ability to concentrate on core business.
  • First project that you outsource to us is with 0% payment in advance. Without risk for You.

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