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Program (Automatic Design of Optical Systems) is interactive program for complete design of optical systems. Program has following features:
  • Definition of a new optical system.
  • Different ways of displaying various data for a optical system.
  • Following analysis of optical systems:
  • Calculation of the ray scheme, which is used for detail analysis of optical systems.
  • Calculation of the raytrace through the optical system according to MIL HNDB 1241 and calculation of the transverse aberrations.
  • Calculation of the primary monochromatic aberrations: longitudinal and transverse spherical aberrations, coma, astigmatism, field curvature, distortion.
  • Calculation of the chromatic aberrations.
  • Calculation of the Seidel aberrations of the third order.
  • Calculation of the wave aberrations.
  • Calculation of the OPD - Optical Path Differences.
  • Calculation of the spot diagrams and the through focus spot diagram.
  • Calculation of the MTF - Modular transfer function:
  • Calculation of the geometrical approximation of the MTF.
  • Calculation of the through focus MTF.
  • Calculation of the diffraction MTF.
  • All results that are obtained by the analysis of optical systems can be displayed in textual and graphical form and they are written to the separate data files.

    Optimization of optical systems:

  • Classical damped least squares method (DLS optimization).
  • Global optimization methods of optical systems:
  • Adaptive Steady State Genetic Algorithm (ASSGA optimization)
  • Evolution strategies:
  • Twomembered evolution strategies method EVOL.
  • Multimembered evolution strategies methods GRUP, REKO and KORR.
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