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FolderWatch - Flawless backups. Always!
Unlike other backup program that will run only on demand or at defined schedule, Folder Watch guards your files all the time. Folder Watch does this by monitoring a given number of folders on your hard drive like your Windows folder or your My Documents' folder, etc. It keeps polling these as long as the computer is on.

Any time a change is detected, no matter how minute, Folder Watch will automatically make a backup copy and place it in a designated folder.

All of this is done seamlessly in the background while you work, there are no programs to launch or extra buttons to push. Folder Watch starts up and loads automatically with Windows and then sits out of the way minimized in the system tray watching your tagged folders for changes.

If you do not want to change your normal work routine one bit but still need flawless backups always available than Folder Watch is program for you.

FolderWatch is designed and fully compatible with Windows 98SE/ME/NT 4.xx/2000/XP

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