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Diginaut Ltd. is company specialized for development of wide variety of software products and IT solutions. Diginaut develops and markets business software solutions using latest software development tools.

Company is formed of expert teams specializing in different areas of software engineering. Although the company has young staff, its software specialists have great experience in system analysis and implementation of information systems gathered in the past several years.

Based on great experience of our system analysts in object oriented analysis and design we can successfully finish system analysis and design of almost any project in a relatively short time.

We are trying very hard to automate implementation phase of information system's development by using rapid application development (RAD) tools, such as: MS Visual Development Studio, Powersoft's PowerBuilder, Borland's Delphi and C++ Builder. We are also oriented towards development and optimization of Oracle databases and Internet/intranet solutions.

In the past few years our attention is focused on development of integrated business information systems, Internet technologies, communications in global, multimedia programs and smaller utilities for world market.

In order to prove high quality of our services we are able to provide on-line support and training for all our customers.

Our research projects are based on transition from two-tier (client-server environment) to a multi-tier (distributed object systems, CORBA, DCOM ) using new technologies like Remote Data Broker from Borland. According to our plan to go to the international marketplace we have introduced new systems of building multi-language applications that are built-in in our products.

"Our main goal is to increase productivity by using new technologies and decrease programming and maintenance time that will have impact on finances."

Momir Bošković
chief development manager

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