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Countless hours are invested into development of true rapid application development (RAD) tool that will allow easy, fast and reliable software production. Borland's Delphi environment has emerged as first software development tool that introduced many innovative techniques, such as:

Business Insight: Turn data into actionable information for better decisions making
Corporations generate a lot of data and most business applications generate large volumes of transactional data. Consider an order entry system that records all the information about your customers. But increasingly what is needed is a way to take the large volumes of data and turn it into useful information to support better decision-making. Taking advantage of this growing quantity of data can provide the insight into more cost-efficient business practices, insight into a competitive advantages or insight into market opportunities.

Decision Cube - Multi-Dimensional Analysis
Decision Cube is for anyone who wants more sophisticated "live" analysis of data. It allows for ad hoc data analysis, and yet scales to meet the high-level information delivery needs of executive users. Decision Cube can be delivered as a customized application or a web browser so that everyone has access to information.

Integrated Quick Reports - faster and easier
High-Speed, easy-to-use and powerful reporting are important for effective communication of data through-out the enterprise. Now, Quick Reports allows rapid development of complex reports for distribution over the Web or from within an application to disseminate information more effectively.

Active Insight - An Enterprise Component Foundry for maximum usability
Delphi 3 is the Enterprise Component Foundry -- the highest-productivity application environment for creating High-speed industry-standard ActiveX components and COM objects. Delphi 3 ensures language interoperability with Delphi, C++, Java, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, IntraBuilder, JavaScript, and other languages. Delphi uses ActiveX and RPC Server Objects in a multi-tier environment to provide re-usable and integrated business solutions.

Built-in COM Support
Only Delphi integrates COM seamlessly into a rapid application development environment so that developers can easily and quickly create business objects, OLE Automation Servers and ActiveXs. COM is implemented as a native type in Delphi to maximize language interoperability and enterprise reusability. The native built in COM support also means full support for Microsoft system standards, such as ActiveXs, Active Documents, ActiveForms and Active Containers.

Code Insight: Comprehensive Coding Wizards for Ease of Use
Code Insight speeds the learning curve Remembering the syntax of a statement; the methods, properties and events of a component; or the declarations in a procedure will no longer be a concern for Delphi 3 developers. New Code Insight provides the simplest mechanism for speeding the development of client/server applications and reducing the learning curve of Delphi.

Multi - Tier Broker Architecture for scalability
"Multi-tier architectures are characterized by the separation of the user interface, business logic and data access logic. Many organizations are implementing multi-tier architectures for enterprise applications to realize the two key benefits. Multi-tier architecture allows for business rules to be centrally located on a shared server, providing the potential for reusability. Secondly, centrally locating business rules makes maintenance much easier and more cost effective. No longer does software need to be advertised to every client workstation each time a business rule is changed." Overstreet, Chip, Delphi Informant, Sept. 1996.

Packages: Leading Edge Compiler Technology
Packages are a unique leading-edge compiler technology that gives developers the ability to breakdown applications into separate, reusable compiled pieces without a performance slowdown

Web-Enabled Client/Server Applications
Delphi provides two mechanisms to Web-Enable your client/server applications while using your existing Delphi skills. WEB Broker for high speed dissemination of database information over the web. The Web Broker makes it easy to deliver database information using HTML to any browser on any platform. ActiveForms & Active Web Deployment for zero-configuration, client/server applications. ActiveForms and Active Web Deployment use the web infrastructure to deliver ultra-thin client/server applications.

Comprehensive Client and Server Functionalities
Delphi Client / Server Suite 4 includes an integrated suite of tools for building high performance Client / Server applications with such extensive features as:

  • Object Oriented Database Application Architecture
  • Flexible Client / Server transaction models
  • Centralized Object Repository for team development
  • SQL Monitor for SQL Testing and Tuning
  • SQL Explorer for integrated administration of database servers
  • Data Module Objects for separating business logic from visual data representation
  • Scaleable Database Dictionary for consistent use of extended field attributes
  • The Object Repository
    Delphi Client / Server Suite 4's Object Repository stores and manages application objects: Forms, Data Modules, Experts, and DLLs. In its essence, it centrally locates corporate assets so that they may be leveraged by the team to eliminate redundant development efforts. As objects proliferate, the repository increases in importance.

    Supports team development practices by referencing objects on a network. It is customizable so that developers can define their own logical groupings of objects to facilitate reuse.

    Visual Form Inheritance and Form Linking
    Developing and using of corporate standard in applications is important, even it is sometimes difficult to ensure adhering of these standards. Visual Form Inheritance and Form Linking extends object oriented programming to a visual paradigm ensuring that corporate and programmatic standards are maintained from project to project. In conjunction with the Object Repository, these standards are centrally managed resulting in faster project turn-around time.

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