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Our Internet team is capable of carrying out all phases in a Web projects, which typically include analysis of customer's needs, defining the structure and organization of a site, design and graphics, HTML coding, all arrangements concerning domain name registration and hosting (if applicable), and anything else that might be necessary to produce a fully functional, up to today's standards web site.

One of our specialties is server-side processing and generating Web pages, mainly through CGI server applications. Depending on project characteristics and customer needs, we use either C/C++ compiled programs, or Perl scripts. As some of generating tasks and user interaction are better accomplished at client's side, we frequently use JavaScript and Java scripts or applets - either standalone, or in interaction with server side programs.

We are primarily oriented towards development of corporate websites, database integration and Web access - either using flat-file databases, or through a DBMS.

To accomplish challenging task of creating robust, scalable and interoperable enterprise software solutions we are using multi-tier client/server architecture. Web applications are perfect for creating interoperable and scalable user interfaces, which run on every machine (platform). While Web is used to present data to a user, other parts of Information System are dedicated to back office hard processing (RDBMS, powerful database clients, etc).

For large web interfaced database projects we use distributed object architectures (DCOM, Corba), where Web, application and database transactions may run on separate (and possibly distant) machines.

In order to get most from our wide software production, we have concentrated our development toward speeding up the time of production and lowering the prices.

In process of creating Web sites, we utilize today's leading tools:

  • Adobe PhotoShop for graphics production
  • MS FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Allaire HomeSite for HTML and JavaScript coding
  • MS Visual Studio for C applications and Java applets
  • Latest version of Perl interpreter for speed and efficiency
  • ASP
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