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You employ complex Oracle applications
If your company uses applications connected to Oracle database containing lots of tables, indexes, triggers, procedures, functions etc, you probably experience periodical delays. Delays lead to inefficient use of equipment and applications themselves, which have already drawn considerable investments. Besides, users are dissatisfied, and that also causes fall of productivity, questions about investment quality, and fierce criticism.

Why transaction delays occur at all?
Experience shows that, when processing large quantities of data stored inside the database in complex structures, you cannot always expect the computer (i.e. Oracle RDBMS) to find optimal path to complex inquiries' completion. Experience also shows that data models are usually quite satisfactory, and even programs are of fair quality. The cause of delays arises from power and complexity of the Oracle database, which offers many possibilities for optimization. Of course, the RDBMS also tries to select the best of all possibilities, but we cannot expect it always to succeed. That process often requires human assistance, which pays off in many ways.

You do not want do change existing software
DB*Doctor concept proves that it is possible, with no changes introduced to database relations, your forms and user procedures, to improve database performance in such manner to allow even additional load and expanding. It is important to emphasize that, from users' point of view, nothing changes, except annoying messages such as "Please wait" or "Transaction in progress" disappear. That also applies to night transaction, which no longer enter working hours, when users are logged on and their transactions are in progress.

You need fast and reliable solution
DB*Doctor is not a programming tool. Its goal is not discovering, but eliminating problematic processes. Our experts have knowledge and know-how in field of optimizing Oracle databases, operating systems and applications, regardless of the development platform. Approach to problem solving is adapted to specific environment, as it depends on data quantity, working load, configuration, physical design etc.

You do not want to take risks
If you decide to employ DB*Doctor concept in your company, you do not have to take any risks! Before the optimization begins, you receive full warranty that specified processes' performance will improve for prearranged percent. If performance does not improve, you do not have to pay. This means that, before optimization starts, it is necessary to make accurate performance test of processes listed for optimization, so that exact percent of improvement could be measured at later date.

Warranty still applies.
After accepting improved processes, you have additional three-month warranty that transaction time will not increase. If duration of transactions does increase, we will eliminate the causes free of charge. It is also possible to prolong warranty, especially if the specified processes are intended to be changed.

Reach us.
Allow us to demonstrate flexibility and efficiency of DB*Doctor concept. It is really possible to achieve tremendous improvements, still using existing applications unchanged in any way. It is not necessary to develop new applications, train users, buy new hardware, and all that in just a couple of weeks!

Contact us!

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