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FolderWatch is a shareware (try before you buy) program. That means that you can download and use FolderWatch for 21 days free of any charge (trial period). During trial period you will be able to use FolderWatch and to see if it suits your needs. After trial period you'll have to buy FolderWatch or to remove it from your computer.
  • Pricing Price of a single copy of FolderWatch is 25.00 USD. However, if you would like to order more copies, you should consult prices listed in the table
    Number of copies Price per copy
    1 - 20 25.00 USD
    21 - 100 22.00 USD
    101 - 500 19.00 USD
    > 500 15.00 USD
    Please note that we are reserving the right to change prices without notice.

  • Ordering FolderWatch We have secure online ordering page where you can purchase FolderWatch online using any major credit card. Currently, we're accepting Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover credit cards, Bank/Wire Transfers, Check/Money Orders, Invoice orders and PayPal payments.
  • Visit our secure online ordering page. Fill in the requested data. After successful transaction, an e-mail message with transaction details will be sent to you confirming that the order is scheduled for processing.
    Once we have charged your account we will send you an email message containing serial number that you need to register FolderWatch.
  • Run FolderWatch, open Help from the main menu and choose Register. Type in your name, company name (optional) and serial number that we sent you. Please type in the data exactly as it is shown in the registration email message. Registration procedure is case sensitive.

  • Upgrading from the previously registered copy If you have purchased FolderWatch within 1 year please contact us and you will be issued a new authorization code free of charge.

    The upgrade fee for previously registered users that purchased FolderWatch more than a year ago is USD 15.00. To purchase an upgrade for previous version of FolderWatch please visit Upgrade purchase link.

    If you are not sure how long ago you have purchased FolderWatch fell free to contact us.

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