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Version Release data News
3.12 Oct 9th 2005
  • Fixed bug that led FolderWatch to believe that root folder of a drive does not exist
  • 3.11 May 25th 2005
  • Fixed bug that resulted in access violation in module 'ntdll.dll'
  • Fixed bug that led FolderWatch to believe that folder located on Novell Netware does not exist
  • Fixed few more minor UI and engine bugs
  • 3.10 Sep 28th 2004
  • Added Import Watches command
  • Added Export Watches command
  • Added Default source path option to the Defaults on Options dialog
  • Added option that pads automatically generated Watch names with zeros
  • FolderWatch displays error messages in popup window to attract your attention, eliminating the need check status of Watches manually
  • User Interface polished further more
  • 3.01 Apr 20th 2004
  • Fixed bug in detecting default text file editor on Windows XP
  • Fixed bug that resulted in some error messages not being written to log file
  • Fixed some minor UI bugs
  • 3.00 Jan 15th 2004
  • User interface is redesigned for better organization and ease of use
  • Add Multiple Watches command works significantly faster
  • Reading and writing of Watch settings is made faster
  • Less data is written to the Windows Registry
  • Watch properties dialog is opening much faster
  • When destination is on the network folder and it becomes unavailable Watch is stopped. When network location again becomes available, Watch is started again
  • Initial synchronize option added to Add New Watch dialog and Add Multiple Watches dialogs
  • Number of backup copies of one file can be limited
  • Log file is more detailed
  • Log file size can be limited
  • 2.06 Mar 23th 2003
  • Fixed Add Multiple Watches options. Due to the error in our automated build script an old version of file was included in the installation and that caused Add Multiple Watches not to work at all. Script is fixed, correct version of file is included in the installation and everything is back to normal now
  • 2.05 Mar 15th 2003
  • If monitored or destination folder is located on the network, FolderWatch will try to restart the Watch if it was stopped because remote computer was turned off or network went down.
  • Many internal changes on FolderWatches engine that made it faster and more robust
  • 2.00 Mar 18th 2002
  • New type of Watches added: Scheduled Watch. When scheduled Watch is used, then FolderWatch checks for changes only at specified time. Unlike regular Watch, that makes instant backups and can be used only on some network configurations, Scheduled Watch can be used to monitor folders located on any network
  • Additional destination folders: Files can be copied/moved to more then one folder at once. With older versions user had to define multiple Watches if he/she wanted to copy files from source to more than one destination folders. With version 2.00 this is not necessary anymore. Files can be copied from one source folder to up to eleven destination folders
  • Append action added: When streamable files are monitored, there is no need to copy whole file when data is only appended to the end of the original file. FolderWatch will copy only part of the file that was added since last copy was made
  • Keep multiple copies of backup files: It is possible to keep multiple versions of backup files. FolderWatch 2.00 allows up to 9999 different backup copies of any monitored file
  • And many more fixes and improvements
  • 1.40 Aug 1st 2000
  • License file used with previous versions of FolderWatch will not work with version 1.40. To upgrade, you should install new version and contact us at register at for free serial number. Once we receive your email we will send you the serial number free of any charge. Sorry for the inconvenience, we are trying to make it easier for you and all the other users of FolderWatch in the future
  • Delete in destination folder and Move files from the source to the destination folder... cannot be combined any more
  • Various user interface tweaks
  • 1.35 Jun 4th 2000
  • License file used with previous versions of FolderWatch will not work with version 1.35. To upgrade, you should install new version, create new key file and send us the key file. Once we receive new key file and match it with your previous payment we will send you new license file that will unlock version 1.35. Upgrade is still free of any charge
  • Help | Browse to... | FAQ Page menu item opens Frequently Asked Questions page from our Web site in your favorite browser
  • If Keep log file option from Options dialog is enabled, FolderWatch will maintain a log file that contains file names of copied/moved files or folders
  • Each Watch has an option that instructs FolderWatch if it should copy or move files from the source folder to the destination folder. This option can be found on Properties dialog
  • 1.30 May 7th 2000
  • 3 Watch limit for unregistered version is removed. The only limitation of unregistered version is 21-day trial period
  • When a new Watch is created, destination folder will be set to Default destination folder from Options dialog
  • Show hidden folders option allows hidden folders to be displayed or not in Browse for folder dialog
  • Now it is possible to create a new Watch for any folder created in already monitored folder. This option can be found on Advanced tab of Watch Properties dialog
  • 1.20 Mar 1st 2000
  • Additional speed increase and better handling of large number of Watches
  • New Add Multiple Watches command makes easy creating Watches for every subfolder of the given folder
  • It is now possible to alter properties of more than one Watch at the same time using Multiple Watch Properties dialog
  • FolderWatch add new menu item (Monitor with FolderWatch) to the popup context menu for all folder objects in the Windows Explorer. This menu item allows you to start monitoring a folder faster then before
  • New Watch property, Destination is a file, allows users to copy all new and changed files from the source folder to one "file". That "file" can be printer or any other "file" device
  • Easier selection of Watches. Select All, Select Active and Select Inactive commands make job easier when you have to deal with large number of Watches
  • 1.10 Jan 1st 2000
  • 20% faster than version 1.00
  • User interface is a bit simpler allowing new users easier interaction with the program, still preserving enough power for advanced users
  • 1.00 Sep 1st 1999 After extensive testing and finalizing program was published.
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